Normally, this space would have my reviews from However the change in Thumbtack’s business model has forced me to delete my account, thus making my reviews inaccessible. used to be a valuable resource for booking private events such as weddings, corporate events, etc.  I only paid a fee when I decided to bid on an available job, and each bid only cost a few dollars. decided to start charging exorbitant fees for only communicating with a potential customer; charging up to $75 just to send you an email (to which you may not even respond), and now charges just to show me “leads” that I might be interested in.  Just one lead can cost me literally hundreds of dollars, and it might not even fit in my current calendar.  

     After lodging my complaints with, I deleted my account and have no desire – nor need – to do business with this company.

I had many 5-star reviews on  Consider this is my zero-star review of them…