Open Mic Nights

Thank you for bringing your talents to an Open Mic Night – they doesn’t exist without YOU!  

Got questions about Open Mic?  Are you a performer with specific needs or questions?  Or a venue considering having an Open Mic Night?  You can always contact me.

Open Mic Nights are organized as follows:

  • Signup sheet goes out approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the Open Mic.
  • You must be present to sign up.  In fairness to others, I cannot sign you up ahead of time via text, etc.
  • There are 12 performance slots and a list of alternates for a 3-hour Open Mic (8 slots + alternates for a 2-hour open mic).
  • If a performer on the list drops out or leaves, the first/next person on the alternate list will take their place.
  • If there is extra time at the end of the night, additional player(s) from the alternate list will be able to perform.
  • If you are on the alternate list, please stay for the majority of the evening, as people do sometimes leave, and you might get a chance to play. There is also sometimes extra time at the end of the night for players on the alternate list.
  • Those on the alternate list who stay but do not get a chance on stage are guaranteed first spots at the next Open Mic.
  • Performances are 3 songs/15 minutes (whichever is less).
  • Please adhere to the 15-minute time limit.  Long songs, storytelling, and elaborate instrument setups will cut into your time and might limit you to 2 songs.
  • Please adhere to the 3-song limit (even if it’s under 15 minutes).
  • Rarely – but occasionally – duos and trios will come in and sign up individually, but play together for every song.  This means a trio would potentially play a 9-song set.  Please refrain from “cheating the system” in this way.  If you play as a group, please sign up as a group.
  • Please keep your performances family-friendly for language, content, etc.


Additional Info and Suggestions:

  • The 12-performer system has been put in place to ensure a 15-minute set time for each player. 
  • If there is a large crowd of people waiting to sign up, we might go to a lottery system (pulling names from a hat, etc) to avoid a “rush” of people trying to sign in.  Thus far, this has not been necessary.
  • Please be set up, tuned up, and ready to go when it’s your turn to play.  Minimizing down time keeps things enjoyable for players and listeners alike.  Check your instrument’s battery too (if it has one)!
  • It’s perfectly fine to bring your own standard microphone.  If you have anything other than a typical XLR mic cable setup, please let me know ahead of time so I can make sure your mic is compatible.
  • Keyboard players are welcome, however at this time you’ll need to bring your own keyboard and stand.  I’m happy to set it up on stage before the night begins, or you can quickly bring it up just for your set.
  • Keep guitar pedals and pedalboards simple to reduce setup time.  If your setup is elaborate and takes several minutes to set up (and tear down again), this cuts into your performance time and you might only get to play two songs, etc.
  • I cannot mix you properly if you bring your own guitar amp or speaker, so please be prepared to plug directly into my mixer (1/4″ or XLR connection).  I’ll make you sound good, I promise!
  • Wireless systems are notoriously unreliable in an open mic setting.  I highly advise against bringing your own wireless headset mics, wireless monitors, or wireless instrument systems.  Please try to just plug in with traditional cables so I can make you sound your best!
  • If you have special requirements for sound or setup, please ask me before your set time to be certain I can accommodate your needs.  Most reasonable requests can be accommodated.
  • We do have limited time and space, and cannot accommodate every scenario.  This is an Open Mic, not an “open jam”.  We can’t set up full bands, full drum kits, guitar amps, etc.
  • If you have questions, you can always contact me ahead of time.


We look forward to seeing and hearing you at Open Mic!